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Live Entertainment Consulting - Stage DealerLearn how to save money on your next show with Stage Dealer!

Live theatrical production can be very expensive due to the customization and one-off creation of complex mechanical effects needed for today’s audiences. Tours and live presentations have become more and more expensive to produce as live entertainment producers continually raise the bar to excite and attract audiences to their attraction. This has created spiraling effect of higher ticket prices to support the higher production costs. 

Extensive Experience

The Stage Dealer team has years of experience producing live entertainment and can work with you in integrating previously-used theatrical equipment into a new production. We have extensive experience in remanufacturing sets and other custom theatrical elements to present them in a new way, saving you time and money when building a new custom live show. We help to keep both your production costs and your ticket prices lower, helping you reach a broader audience.

Repurpose Expensive Infrastructure

Previously used theatrical elements such as stages, props, or other custom-built live show elements can be dramatically changed from a visual perspective with relatively minor alterations. A theatrical stage set can be completely different with just a simple paint job and a new access configuration of the stair units.

Add Video Elements

Introducing video into previously static sets either via video reflective paint for projection, led video panels, or video mapped LED lighting can dramatically alter the visual perspective of the previously used stage set, allowing for a virtually limitless amount of different projections to enhance and change the surface. This type of audio-visual integration of elements inside of the set draws the audience’s attention to the actual content produced for these new elements versus the set structure itself.

Reduced Design Costs

The initial design, engineering and construction of the supporting set structure can be a major portion of the build cost of a theatrical stage set. When reusing a stage set for a new production, you can simply add new decor elements to the existing structure for a completely different look. A multilevel set with a brick background can be quickly transformed from an old, antiquated feel into something more modern. By removing the brick and replacing it with metal mesh panels and creating similar metal attachments to front areas on the set (obscuring some of the previously seen structure by your audience), you are able to present a virtually “new” stage set, leveraging the money spent on the previous construction into this new live production.

All of these techniques are very effective for venues with repeat audiences and enables those venues to present higher quality productions with large amount of theatrical elements as the cost of those large theatrical set elements are spread out across multiple live shows presented in the venue.

Interested in reducing the cost of producing your next live show?

Stage Dealer Consulting Services are available to assist you in integrating both items for sale on Stage Dealer, as well as items in your existing inventory. Our team is flexible and we can work with your technical team to assist in the entire preproduction process or can be involved in only a small portion of the production.

Give us a call or contact us, we would be happy to help!

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