[15975] Two Axis Performer Flying System (Lift and linear track)

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[15975] Two Axis Performer Flying System (Lift and linear track)

USED - lifting and linear tracking performer flying system. Two joystick control allows for separate lifting and tracking control. Tracking trolley travels along 65mm “I” beam attached to a truss and flown or attached directly to the ceiling via clamps to the top of the track. This system provides for 40 feet of lift height and 40 feet of linear tracking.

Performer flying systems feature aluminum frame enclosures, motor and redundant braking systems, shaft over speed monitoring, active line load sensing, fault load sensing, dual limits, and programmed acceleration / deceleration ramping.


Winch Specifications 

  • Lift Speed: 180 feet per minute
  • Lift Height: 40 feet
  • Tracking Speed: 180 feet per minute
  • Tracking Distance: 40 feet
  • Lift WLL: 250 lbs
  • Voltage: 400v, 3 phase
  • Connector: Red CEE


  • 2 Channel, variable speed, dual joystick, with E-Stop, key lock
  • Individual Pendant
  • Tajami Connectors


  • Two Stage Limit Switches
  • Active Line Load Sensing
  • Electric Fault Load Sensing
  • Overspeed Sensors
  • Redundant Safety Brake


  • 1 Tracking - Lifting Performer Flying Winch [Serial Number 15975]
  • 1 Dual Joystick Controller [Serial 16117]
  • 100’ Marine Grade Control Cable
  • 100’ Control Cable
  • 10’ Control Cable
  • 34’ Power Cable (Red CEE Connectors)
  • Large Blade Tracking trolley (65mm)
  • Large Blade Tacking Trolley (6” H Beam)
  • Lift Trolley
  • Load Sensor
  • 2 Brake Gap Tool
  • Ships in an Plastic Container 

Track (65mm I- Beam or 6” H Beam) is NOT included.

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