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[15981] 180 ft/min High Speed Quad Lift Line Yoyo Performer Lifting System (400v)

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Current price $45,000.00

USED - Quad lift line performer lifting system. Very simple operation with single joystick control. Ceiling sheaves mount to venue supplied truss or venue steel. This 3-phase, 400v system lifts 1500 pounds 40 vertical feet at a speed of 180 feet per minute.

Performer lifting systems feature steel frame enclosures, motor, and redundant braking systems, shaft over speed monitoring, active line load sensing, drive fault load sensing, dual limits, and programmed acceleration/deceleration ramping.


Winch Specifications

Lift Speed: 180 feet per minute

Lift Height: 40 feet

Lift WLL: 1500 lbs

Voltage: 400v, 3 phase

Connector: Tajami Control Cable Connector, Red CEE Power Ends



1 Channel, variable speed, single joystick, with E-Stop, key lock



Two-Stage Limit Switches

Active Line Load Sensing

Electric Fault Load Sensing

Overspeed Sensors

Redundant Safety Brake


Price includes the following equipment:


1 - Single Quad Line Yoyo Performer Flying Winch [Serial Number 15981]

Single Joystick Controller [Serial 16546]

100’ Control Cable (Tajami Connector)

50’ Control Cable (Tajami Connector)

25’ Control Cable (Tajami Connector)

50’ Power Cable (RED CEE)

2 - Brake Gap Tool

Brake Release Lever

4 Load Sensors


Ships in Plastic Pallet Case.

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