Wonder Window Grand Illusion

  • $2,750.00
  • Save $6,000

The “Wonder Window” is a disappearance, light penetration, and re-appearance stage illusion. This is a very deceptive illusion and a magic classic. The assistant who “disappears” must be between 5’4” and 5’8” and not weigh more than 115 lbs. Professionally constructed by a master illusion builder.

Effect: An elevated box is shown empty and the front and rear glass windows are opened allowing the audience to see completely through the box. An assistant enters the box, the front and rear doors are closed, trapping the assistant inside of the windows. The box is rotated showing all sides and the front and rear shades are lowered. 18 lighted long bulbs are thrust into the box and the shades are retracted, revealing the assistant has truly disappeared. This process is reversed and the assistant re-appears from the box unharmed.

2 travel cases included.

Price does not include shipping from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.